African Table Setting

African table settings use a lot of clay, pottery, beads, and leather, and other natural materials. You can make a lot of african table accents yourself, or I can direct you to online stores for accent pieces.

Some of the easiest pieces to make in an african table setting are the table runner and the napkin rings.

African TAble Cloth Really Sets The African Scene

For the napkin rings, you can get a leather thong and string wooden beads on it. Continue threading the beads until you reach two inches from the other end of the thong. Then, tie the final knot. Wind the finished thong around your napkin a few times, and loosely tie the ends to create your napkin ring.

The rest of the table setting I would suggest you find from a genuine African store, perhaps online.

I love the African dishes here at this store! You could get African-looking pieces at Pier 1 or a similar store but to get the true African feel, I would look for a genuine African store.

African inspired pieces reaaly add a touch of wild to your african table setting

If you already have pieces from Africa like a shawl, use that piece as your table runner, or decorate the chairs. Arrange your objects in groups of threes. Add cushions to your chairs that look like they are from Africa. Decorate your candle pots with natural beads, and there you have it! A genuine african table setting!

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