Asian Table Settings For Use Anytime.

Stunning and Bright this Asian Table Setting is sure to impress everyone
A close up of the detail on this asian theme table setting

This picture of asian table settings is another beauty from Oprah's Home Magazine.

It's eclectic yet toned down. You can most certainly use it during any time of year, especially during holiday season. It's got your traditional red, blue, and gold colors, and it is lovely enough to use all year 'round.

Excerpted from O Magazine: "Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa or Chinese New Year, bold colors and rich textures make for happy hosting.

Matthew (the decorator) takes the same modernized color scheme of red, blue and gold, but adds in exuberance. The look here is informal (and inexpensive) abundance—instead of a formal centerpiece, he makes a landscape that stretches the length of the table, mixing tea lights, small bouquets, and ginger jars. A paper parasol chandelier might best be left to X-treme Crafters, but anyone can weave the color scheme into a table runner or the backs of dining chairs with store-bought ribbon."

I know if you think about finding pieces in your red and blue colors, you'll be surprised how quickly the table gets put together.

Here's how to get the look:Oprah actually used these pieces: Classic Longevity dinnerware in turquoise ($1.95 to $12.50 per piece) and red chopsticks ($1.75 a pair), all from Pearl River; red lacquered chargers ($9.99 for a set of four, Target); Bamboo stainless-steel flatware ($60 for a five-piece set, Ricci Argentieri); red linen napkins ($12 each) and blue cereal bowls ($18 each), all from the Conran Shop; ruby goblets ($43 for a set of four, Lenox); and lotus tea lights ($14 each, Guava).


Problem is, the dishes she used are not suitable for food usage!

Asian Table Setting Idea

Don't worry. I've finally located a similar look for you that looks just as good, in fact here is a picture of the replacement.

You know those TV shows that show the really expensive room first and then the replica? That's how I feel!

What I recommend you do is stick to the red, blue, and gold theme and select different dishes.

I like this Pattern because it is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. The Asian pattern will look nice with all of the other asian pieces you choose like the lotus tea lights, the chopsticks, and the bamboo stainless steel flatware.

You can still use Target’s red chargers, even going with a square shape.

If you need bowls, Target has nice blue ceramic ones that blend well.

Finish off your look with ruby glass goblets and of course the garnet napkins.

These tealights are different than the ones in Oprah magazine, and they work just as beautifully. The square lights are classy and they’ll give you more height than the Oprah picture, serving possibly as your centerpiece as well.

Use the remaining colors in flower arrangements and other pieces in the Blue dinnerware set. I couldn't locate the bamboo flatware yet. If you find some flatware that looks like bamboo, add it to the theme! It will be gorgeous.

Just take a look around and I am sure you will find some fabulous blue and red table setting pieces.

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