Baby Show Table Settings

Really cute baby shower table arrangement and centerpieces

stacked_favor_centerpiece (12K) Here's a great article with ideas for a baby shower table arrangement written by Randy Wilson of Planning a Baby Shower.

It was so great, I had to reprint it!

Here you will learn how to make and where to purchase your Baby Shower Centerpieces. As the centerpiece is the focal point of the baby shower, it is very important for you to design or purchase the right one.

You need to place them above eye level at the table to keep from blocking the view of the and the guest of honor from seeing each other at the table. There are many different types of Baby Shower Centerpieces to choose from. One very popular type of centerpiece which doubles as your baby shower gift is a baby diaper cake.

Once you have picked your theme you need to keep it featured around that theme. If you are making your own homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece, many of the supplies needed will be available locally. However, going online will add to the variety of Baby Shower Centerpieces you have to choose from.

Many Baby Shower Party Centerpieces will be made with candles surrounding them. Such as floral centerpieces, using fresh or artificial flowers. Fresh flowers will be more economical if you choose flowers that are in season. When choosing artificial flowers, you can go with silk, chocolate flowers such as roses, plastic flowers, or light-up roses.

* Use a wicker basket and fill it with baby items. You could put a cloth diaper, diaper pins, baby bottles, bibs, baby socks, pacifiers and other small baby items. Surround the basket with small candles or put a couple of helium balloons tied to the handle.

* Fill a small goldfish bowl with water and fill it with floating candles and flower buds. Or you might even add a goldfish to the water.

* Use votive holders and candles that match your theme. They will provide a soft type of illumination to the event.

candy (9K) * Fill a bucket, bowl, or basket with candy, small stuffed animals, or flowers.

* Hang an umbrella from the ceiling filled with stuffed animals. Or you could put flowers inside and add balloons, dolls and/or ribbons.

* Go to a craft section or a craft store and purchase small pink and blue gemstones. You could place these in votive holders, or small glass vases of different sizes. Add shredded tissue to the mix and you will have another lovely Baby Shower Centerpiece.

* You could get different glass figurines of a stork, swan, castle, teddy bear, or whatever would fit with the theme. Put them in a box filled with colored shredded paper and put the figurine on top. Any of these would be a great addition to your baby shower.

* If using a beach theme, use a beach bucket and place a flower arrangement inside, with candles around the outside. Or put small tools for the beach inside the bucket for your Baby Shower Party Centerpiece.

* Spring themes could include items such as hearts, leprechauns, or bunnies.

* If the baby shower is in the fall or winter. Use small pumpkins, headstones, or leaves of different colors. Pumpkins could be made of tissue, or small figures of pumpkins.

* Western themes could use straw, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, western badges and rope.

* Tropical Themes could use many different items to make your babyshowers party centerpiece. Pineapples, tiki lights, small palm trees, hula dancer centerpiece, or a flamingo.

* Nautical themes could use small boats, ships, sailboats, anchors, or a treasure chest.

These are just some ideas to choose from. Think about them, mix and match, or add your own ideas to make Baby Shower Centerpieces that perfectly match your theme. You and your guests and guest of honor will have a fun day. They will be getting away from reality for a short time to rest and enjoy themselves.