Candle Centerpieces

Who knew you could easily blend all holidays together using candles? Candles are significant to many religions so use this candle table centerpiece for your special event.

Candles are special to everyone, regardless of what religious practice they are. Using a candle table centerpiece will welcome everyone at your table.

And you don't have to worry you'll offend anyone!

You won't be using a christmas tree in front of your Jewish friends or a Menorah in front of your non-Jewish friends.

Candles are practical, beautiful, and if you want to blend in the spiritual side, I've got just the centerpiece for you. Use Apples As Candleholders In this picture, the apples are lined up straight so if you are Jewish, you could position it to look like a menorah.

For Christmas you can position the apples in a different way, not necessarily in a straight line, perhaps seperated so it looks more like single candle holders throughout the room.

In short, you won't get any complaints...for a change! Especially if your centerpieces look as good as these Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart designs.

Here are some more suggestions for Decorating with Candles in your home and on the table

Candles can add great warmth and lovely scents to your home. Today's candles come in so many colors, shapes and scents that there are endless possibilities with decorating your home with candles.

Try These Ideas In Your Home:

* Try tea lights lined up on a shelf to illuminate your prized décor items.

* If space is limited or you have small children in the home, try sconces that hang on the wall. This will keep your shelf and table space open for other items and keep little fingers from getting in the candles.

* When your sconces are empty, you can simply add tea lights, pillars or votives for a new look.

* Votives should always be placed in appropriate votive holders. Most votives will melt completely as they are burning and you don't want wax running all over the place.

* Candles in the bathroom are great for when you have company coming over or you want to relax in a nice warm bath.

* Place pillars on a heat-resistant and decorative plate or bowl for a new look.

* Add flowers or other decorative elements around your candles. Just ensure that they won't be touched by flame.

Floating Candle Centerpiece * Get creative with floating candles. Fill a decorative bowl with water and create your centerpiece.

* Place colored glass beads in a bowl and add tea lights on top.

* Not all candles are created equal, but most candle holders are. For best burning, it's often a good idea to spend a bit of extra money on quality-made candles. Candles from the dollar store may be cheaper, but may cost you more in the long run when wicks disappear in the wax or candles don't burn evenly. However, dollar stores are a great resource for unique candle holders or you can even make your own.

* At your next dinner party, decorate each place setting with a tea light and a festive holder. Then let your guests take one home as a little party favor.

* Try your hand at creating your own candles with unique patterns and colors. Visit your local craft store for pre-made kits or choose your own supplies.

* If you don't use your fireplace for burning wood, don't let that real estate go to waste. Add some candles for a beautiful hearth.

Whatever you décor or budget, candles can add plenty of color, warmth and wonderful scents to your home. Create a cozier and more beautiful home with candles to suit your personal tastes.

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