Country Table Settings

Vintage, Country centerpiece for table

Quaint and Serene Country Table Setting Coming up with a country centerpiece for table settings is easier than you may think.

First of all, there are SO many ideas out there for things you can use.

One way to go is to collect items from around your home and display them creatively. If you are using several tables, you don't need to use the same country centerpiece for tables. For example, on one table you can have glass cups or jars of varying heights with things like marbles, buttons, rocks, shells, dried flowers, etc.

1. Group same objects of varying heights.

2. Use only one color mainly with splashes of other colors thrown in.

3. Combine new with old to give it that country and vintage feel. This picture is from House Beautiful.

One beautiful idea found in Kosher by Design Entertains is for vintage napkin rings. Fold an extra piece of fabric around napkins and secure it with an antique brooch.

I guess the main thing is to figure out what type of country you want. There's a lot to pick from, vintage, romantic, feminine, masculine, french you can just about create whatever you need to by using a country feel.

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