Proper Table Settings

Etiquette for proper table setting; set the table correctly!


Proper table setting etiquette adds a subtle yet definite touch of class and sophistication to any formal dinner. Fortunately, the techniques of proper table setting are not as complicated as they may seem. Here are a few guidelines that will hold you in good stead for your next formal dinner.

General Table Setting Rules

A Few Exceptions to Table setting Etiquette

Setting Your Table With Glasses

Getting Your Glasses Right

The key to bringing out the distinctive bouquet of any wine so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest is by serving it in the right wine glass. The number of different types of wine glasses you need to set at your dinner table depends on the different types of wines that you are planning on offering your guests.

Where Does the Napkin Go?

At last, some flexibility in your formal table setting! There are no hard and fast rules for napkin placement. Where you place your napkin and how to choose to fold it is a matter of preference but it can be the key to enhancing your entire table setting.

A white napkin, folded traditionally and placed on the dinner plate can give the entire setting an ultra-sophisticated look while a bright colored napkin placed in the water glass can add a burst of color and instantly liven up the whole setting. Creativity coupled with proper arrangement is the key to a perfect table setting that is sure to be the talk of the town!

And when it comes to napkin folding the sky is the limit.

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