Iron On Transfers

Simplify iron on transfers with these instructions.

The following are instructions for how to simplify iron on transfers. (with contributions from


Fabric: cotton, flannel or a very smooth linen. Avoid synthetic fabrics as the high heat required for ironing the transfer will melt the fabric.Photo transfer paper for T-shirts (available at office supply stores)Colour printerIron with a no-steam optionPaper scissors and fabric scissors

Bring your pictures to Kinkos or use a colored printer to print them. Touch up the image or crop it if you are familiar with working picture programs on the computer.

Print your pictures on a test page first on normal paper. Then, go ahead and print your pictures on T-shirt transfer paper.

If you are doing your own printing, under Select a Print size, click Fit to page. Check the Mirror for T-shirt printing box if you have text within the image. Check your printer's settings to make sure it is on High Quality printing to get the sharpest colour possible.

Transfer the image to fabric

Once you have printed the image on transfer paper, use paper scissors to cut around it, keeping as close to the border as possible.

Heat the iron to the highest setting and select the no-steam option. Place the image face-down on the fabric.

Follow the directions for the transfer paper most transfers take three to four minutes to affix to the fabric. Move the iron in circular motions over the entire transfer, making sure you cover all the edges.

Let the transfer cool slightly (one to two minutes) and slowly peel back the transfer paper from the fabric.

You can add piping, ribbon or beads to create a decorative edge around the tablecloth or individual pictures.

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