Napkin Folding Ideas

Napkin folding is an often forgotten touch. By the time you've set your table, guests are on the way and there is no time to fold the napkins! I think you are going to like these videos about napkin settings. They are very specific and easy to watch.

The atrium lily is definitely a classy look for your table. It is by far one of the fanciest types of folds and adds a lot of elegance to the table. You will wow your guests with the atrium lily.

The Rose. If your place settings are not giving you the romantic look you are looking for, choose the rose for your napkin folding.

This video shows you how to make a "candle" type napkin fold. Simple and elegant. Choose it when your plates are dressy enough and you don't need to draw more attention to your table setting with a simple napkin folding.

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