Stunning Table Setting

Oprah fall 2005 Table Settings With Pictures

This Rose Table Centerpiece creates a stunning display.
This picture of Oprahs fall 2005 table settings was a picture of Oprah's Legends Ball which honored Tina Turner, Dr. Maya Angelou, Patti LaBlle and Coretta Scott King.

Here's an excerpt from Oprah fall 2005 at Home Issue:"That's the magic of Oprah. As incredible as her Legends Ball was, what turned it truly fantastic was that she made every single soul who walked through the door feel honored and loved. And that," Colin says, "is something everyone can do."

Well if Colin (Oprah's party planner) is saying it is something everyone can do then wow, let's do it!

As you can see, it takes a LOT of red roses. It is a monochromatic grouping of the same color flowers and the way you can start is by breaking the table section by section.

Start with one place setting and its grouping of red roses. Then the next setting and the next grouping.

Bit by bit you can create Oprahs fall 2005 look!

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