Oprah Winter 2005 Table Settings with Pictures

An electic table setting display creates a visual impact
Oh my goodness. When I saw Oprah winter 2005 table settings my mouth dropped. They are just so gorgeous.

Does it look chaotic to you? Perhaps. But the man who set this table said, "What keeps the mix from becoming chaos is its consistent paletteŚwarm jewel tones accented with gold and navy."

Got that? Well, maybe not yet. Take your time looking at this table setting. It is intricate and looks perhaps somewhat complicated at first glance.

Which country does this oprah winter 2005 table setting remind you of? Russia, that's right!

The decorator, Matthew David Hopkins, took a classic china pattern and builds on it. (Think Nicholas and Alexandra.)

This table is an unabashed blend of elaborate patterns and textures.

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