Romantic Wedding Table Settings

I'd like to give you plenty of ideas to work with when looking for that perfect romantic wedding table setting. (For some Cheap Wedding Table Setting Ideas click here.)

I need to know one thing though, are you bored of typical wedding looks? If you are, bear with me.

You can still go with flowers, candles, and traditional looks like topiaries, WAIT!, and change them around. For example, this topiary is yes, a traditional topiary, and with the gift boxes though, wow! Nothing like your average wedding topiary.

romantic wedding table setting If you still want something totally out of the ordinary for planning your romantic wedding table setting, what you could do is use cakes. That's right.

I recently went to a wedding where the centerpiece was a big strawberry shortcake. Now the secret to setting cakes up so they look like a centerpiece is by elevating them to different heights. You cannot just put a cake down in the middle of the table and expect it to look great.

Put a box down in the middle of the table and put a cloth napkin or another tablecloth down on top of the box. Put a cake on top of the box. One neat idea is to get one of those cakes with a picture of the bride and groom on it. Sprinkle the same picture of the bride and groom make into confetti around the cake.

romantic wedding table setting

This picture of stackable party favors is in the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. Easy to do and beautiful.

This display is a centerpiece, a stack of party favors, and a table-number indicator all in one.

To make:Fill small cardboard boxes with cookies or candies, wrap them with bands of paper and slender ribbon, and stack them on a silver compote in the shape of a pyramid. Attach a table number to the topmost box.

stunning wedding topiaries make an unusual wedding setting
It's funny. I'm really not usually so into topiaries but I saw this in the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine and liked it a lot. Topiaries are definitely a traditional wedding table setting but when you veil them like this, a much softer look results. Also, you can put these around the wedding hall or going up the steps to the church.

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