Silverware Setting

Decorative touches to setting silverware at a table.

Ideas for setting silverware at a table.

Modern Silverware
Table Setting

After the centerpieces are made, colors chosen, backdrop tablecloths selected, don't forget about the silverware.

- Tuck the silverware into a beautiful cloth napkin and pin an antique broach onto the napkin. You can do this with a napkin ring as well. A flat piece of cloth folded into a rectangle around the silverware can work just as will. This look is so exquisite for a formal affair.

- At a brunch, you can set the silverware in containers such as pitchers, vases, terracotta pots, depending on the setting.

- At a baby shower, get a large teddy bear. Pin a diaper on the teddy bear and tuck the silverware inside of the diaper. - Wrap beads around each piece of silverware using a wire around each piece strung with small beads. When your piece is fairly covered with beads, select one bead to tie the wire through. Bend the wire to keep it in place. As seen on HGTV

- Faux silverware settings. This is really cute especially for an outdoor table. Go to a craft store and get preprimed canvas place mats. Apply a base coat with acrylic paint. Let it dry. Position a stencil of a place setting onto the place mat. Paint the stencil using the paints listed on the stencil instructions. Tape the stencil down and you've got a permanent placesetting!

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