Luncheon Table Setting

Create this table centerpiece for a luncheon

Are you worrying about how to set your table? You can create this table centerpiece for a luncheon easily.

Here's how to start. This picture is from the magazine Country Living by the way. This table centerpiece for a luncheon fits any type of lunch you are planning, mother's day, thanksgiving, etc.

Fruit stacked on plates make a fresh table centerpiece
Dinner plates set the scene
Roses always look beautiful on the table
All together this is a spectacular table setting

"Create a dramatic centerpiece by stacking cake stands -- each a different color -- atop one another and decorating each tier with fruits and flowers. Kumquats dance among pears; wild berries punctuate yellow roses; green grapes mingle with figs. Individual flowers not submerged in water can be kept fresh by attaching water vials to stems."

The next step is to pick one basic color for the tableware.

"Color sets a table's tone. Purple transferware unifies punches of orange, amber and amethyst in the form of goblets and silk shantung napkins as well as wild berries, figs, pears and kumquats.

Use one large, square napkin as a place mat and another in a contrasting color as a napkin; knot napkins into a loose "bow" and tuck a rose in each one's fold. Mix and match the colors of the place mats and napkins at each place setting."

You can see from the pictures how well the purple blends everything together. There are lots of color being used here as you can see from the picture of the table centerpiece for a luncheon yet it does not harsh.
The last touch is putting bunches or single flowers, whether they are roses or chrysanthemums, into vases, jars, pitchers, and teacups.

The 4th picture on top is the whole look brought together. I wish the picture was larger. You can get order back issues I think, or just

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