Reunion Table Centerpiece

Table centerpiece for reunion - Copy some of these homemade ideas

Beautiful Home Made Fan Centerpiece

I'm going to give you really creative table centerpiece for reunion options - but most you could use for any occassion. They range from adorable to really really elegant. Use them and click on the links to get the supplies you need.

Usually, party planners tell you the secret to any party is deciding on your color scheme first. I'm absolutely in agreement with this. However...

1. Time Capsule and Mishmash of items
For your reunion though, you might want to have a collection of many things as your table centerpiece for reunion. It would be a lot of "stuff" from the graduating era- shoes, books, music, tapes, beads, you name it. Kind of like a time capsule. Because these things can be so many different colors and because each table may end up looking different, you'll have to pull the colors together somewhere outside of the centerpieces, perhaps the tablecloths and linens.

What you could do is use your high school colors to bring it all together.

In the picture above of the fan, the party planners listed the menu on the fan. You can list the 10 most popular songs from your era or names of the homecoming king and queens, or whatever strikes your fancy. The fan can be a beautiful table centerpiece for reunion, family or school reunion.

2. Shoes
I love this idea too! Collect old shoes from the time you graduated. Platforms, saddle shoes, whatever reminds you of the time. If they look really old, get them bronzed and put them on a mirror to accentuate the "Golden Oldies". You can put flowers in the shoes hidden in baby food jars (the Dollar stretcher)

3. Using the School Colors and Memorabilia
Set up the tables with a floor length tablecloth and as your "table topper" lay down a jersey or graduation gown as the table topper.

4. Pictures
On the tablecloths, you could iron on pictures from the graduating class. You can also make confetti out of the picture on your computer. Sprinkle it around on the tables.

Instead of doing placecards, you can put pictures of each graduate (then) for them to find on their own. Or you can snap polaroids of each gradute to use as their placecards as they walk in. Depending on how large your reunion is to be.

5. Stacks of books
This is also a great table centerpiece for reunion idea. Buy old books from thrift stores. Remove the covers and spray paint the top of the books with the high school colors. (Or keep them looking old.) When the paint is dry, attach the books to each other with hot glue. Tie a ribbon around and you've got a stack of books as your table centerpiece. Vary the heights from table to table.

6. Namecards
Xerox pictures of people from the yearbook and cut the pictures out onto namecards. That way you can be easily recognized.

7. A blast from the past
Recreate the way a dance would have been set up during school with the same streamers, balloons, music, snacks, drinks, etc.

8. Yearbooks
You can always use your yearbook as a centerpiece but spruce up the area around it with loads of flowers.

You can use any of these ideas for a family reunion too. You'll have to modify it somewhat with family memories or important mementos from gowing up instead.

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