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Wonderful Fern Centerpiece Brings A Touch Of the Tropics To Any Party >

<p>I'm going to be using a tropical theme table centerpiece for an event I am holding outdoors in June.</p>
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I like it because the tropical theme allows me to choose from many colors, or not too many at all.

Plus, I am holding it in another person's backyard (in order to hold 200 people). This person's backyard has no landscaping at all. I want to use this tall, green, tropical centerpieces in order to deemphasize the lack of flowers.

So we stick with greenery. Just like the lawn. And you know what, it won't look bad at all. I think in fact the table centerpiece tropical choice is going to be great.

I'll probably also use the charger idea I mentioned on another page.

Plus, my event is going to be held in the evening, so the base of the centerpiece lights itself for several hours, adding to the main lighting. That's another reason I've chosen to use this look for my event.

A large vase of fruit makes a very tropical centerpiece

I also really like second picture I found on Joanne's Fabrics website. All you have to do is fill up a vase with faux fruit and stick in tropical leaves. How easy is that for a tropical look?!

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