Table Setting Chargers

Ideas for table setting chargers


Including table setting chargers with your arrangement adds so much glam to the table setting.

The whole point of a charger is to create height and depth in your table setting arrangements. Layer, layer, layer.

Chargers not only come in different colors but in different textures: wood, bamboo, sisal, crystal, glass, earthenware, stone... It goes on and on.

I love using natural materials in choosing my chargers.

Going along the lines of using a charger made out of natural material is the picture above; a large fern or palm frond. Lay it underneath the table setting for a very stylish yet natural look.

Another charger tipI'm doing an event for an organization this summer and need to keep the costs down. So for a charger all I am using is a large 10 inch black plate with a smaller white salad plate on top. The contrast is gorgeous and it is just a plate!

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