Valentine Table Setting

Capture love with a valentine day table setting.

Pretty Pink
Heart shaped wreath
Stunning Boxes You Can Make

If you are reading this, I figure you want a refreshing look for your valentine day table setting. Perhaps you've never done a table setting for valentines day and want to start now.

The following ideas are for you to take and save for valentines day. They are not too hard to implement so read and enjoy!

A novel idea using gift wrappingAnother valentines day table setting ideas is to incorporate whatever centerpiece you make into the actual china setting. So if your centerpiece is gift boxes stacked, incorporate similar looking smaller gift boxes at every place setting. This picture uses a wrapping paper table runner and then that same wrapping paper at each seat.

Heart Shapes Are The Perfect Valentines Day Table Setting Here is a picture of an actual valentines day place setting, with a red heart shaped plate and everything!

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