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Wedding Color Scheme Idea For Every Color

I'd like to go through every color out there to create a wedding color scheme idea. How does red look with blue? How about orange and green? Let's go through each color to come up with a beautiful wedding color scheme idea.

Remember, a gorgeous table setting includes 2 but no more than 3 colors. So we'll go through each color and pair it with another to see what you think.

Let's start with Red.

Red + Orange= Red and orange can look amazing together. If you are hesitant, remember there are different shades of red as well as orange. You can go brighter and very vibrant or even brick red and burnt orange go well together. Red and Orange Table Setting

Red and Yellow= Bright red and yellow gives a french country feel. You know those red roosters with lots of yellow in the kitchen accessory products? You have probably seen them in Home decorating stores. Red And Yellow Table Centerpiece

Red and Green = I happen to only think of Christmas when red and green are combined but that does not have to be true! I recently decorated a home that had brick red tile with a mossy green marine color. I painted a brick red door with that color green on the walls (greenish blue) and it looked wonderful.

In my own home, I combine a lot of that brick red color with olive. It is very rich looking and deep that I don't ever think Christmas. And that's good because I'm Jewish!

Red and Blue Table Settings

Red and Blue= Don't think fourth of July! Unless of course you are having a fourth of July party. This picture is my absolute favorite wedding color scheme idea. It depends on just how much red and blue you use. Because they are both rich colors you'll want to use a lot of white to tone down.

Red and Purple always work together

Red and Purple -I love this combination as well. I think of fruit, rich apples and purple grapes. This picture, from Better Homes and Gardens, shows you how red and purple can be a very luxurious combination. And of course, the centerpiece can have more than 2 colors, it is just the place settings and all of the accoutrements that look better unified with just two.
Different shades of pink and red work well on a table

Red and pink: Typically we think of red and pink clashing, but I have seen it used so beautifully. Jewel toned red tablecloths with pink overlays or just pink rosepetals on the tablecloth is very lovely and a perfect wedding color scheme idea.

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