Western Table Settings

Choose from these motifs to create your western table centerpiece.

There are loads of options for a western table centerpiece.

All the cowboys will love this western table setting * Cowboy Hats /Cowboy Boots- put small bowls filled with salsa, chips, and other foods in the top of a cowboy boot. Use several boots of different heights to create more dimension.

Do the same things with cowboy hats, turned upside down and lined with a check napkin to hold chips and the like. Use a bowl if you prefer.

* "Wanted" Posters- put them in a gold or brass frame held by an easel and grouped around the table. Or better yet, make placecards out of them.

* Hay Bales/Barbed Wire- use hay bales as heavyweights to hold down balloons.

* Ranch/Barn/Farm/Campfire- you can use barns or mini ranch figures to hold food, silverware, and other items for the buffet.

Gingham always gives a sense of western * Red & White Checks (Gingham) and Calico, use the red checks in the table settings. How about a red tablecloth with a check overlay, switch off between red and white cloth napkins, and use a white charger (or large plate) under a red salad plate.

* Wildflowers/Sunflowers/Daisies-keep flowers on hand to add splashes of color everywhere on the table.

* Saddles/Chaps/Bridle/Spurs/Cow Bells/Lassos/Rope/Rawhide- you can tie a rope to each chair as a sort of chair cover or accoutrement to the chair. Alternate the chairs with lassos, rope, fringe, bandannas, and everything western.

* Square Dancing, Two-Stepping & Line Dancing-place black or red and white large tiles down next to each other in a line to form a sort of table runner, resembling the floor and for a western motif.

* Denim (Wrangler Jeans)- cut out jean material for a western table centerpiece, runner, napkin, placemat, chargers, etc.

Horseshoes add an air of romance to the western table setting * Horseshoes/John Deere-look how stylish these horseshoe wedding favors are.

* Cast Iron/Enamel Tinware/Mason Jars- because of the shininess of the jars, group lots of jars of varying heights over a mirror to reflect. You can put a small votive candle in each of the jars and light for added impact.

* Wagon Wheels/Chuck Wagon- if you are having a buffet table, use a wagon to hold food like biscuits or buns. A wagon wheel can go under a vegetable tray as a western accent or used alone on round tables as the western table centerpiece, perhaps with flowers around it.

* Stagecoach/Saloon/Guitars/- lay small guitars down and put bunches of hay or flowers poking out of the hole

* Oil Lamps (Kerosene) or Lanterns- lighting is nice anywhere especially when maximized with a mirror under it. Put oil lamps in groupings around the room or on the tables with a mirror underneath.

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